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2020. Art Jam

Dear artist

Our 28th Art Jam symposium will, like the previous 27 years, take place in the beautiful and charming little village, Højer, near the South-West coast in Denmark. And just like 2019, we are again planning to make an additional Art Jam in Kolding, a Design town in Southern Denmark. For Art Jam 2020 we are looking for artists who can participate at both symposiums.

In Kolding from 6th - 12th of June and in Højer from 14th - 21st June. Each artist will be asked to make at least 1 sculpture at each symposium. Artists are of course transported between the symposiums and there will be free board and lodging throughout the whole period.

For the Art Jam 2020 we are not having any specific theme, so your creativity is free.

The Art Jam will be having the same symposium-spirit, which had characterized Højer Art Jam since 1993. Furthermore, it will contain social events and Danish "hygge"

The Art Jam receives many applications and sadly we are not able to invite all applicants, even though many of the projects have a high-quality level. But when you apply to become a part of the Art Jam-family we are carefully selecting on your CV, Portfolio and project description with sketches. It is important for us to assure a careful, fair selection of the participating artists. Also, it is highly important for the Art Jam to assure a high artistic level with different artistic expressions, both figurative and abstract, and with a high level of expertise in crafts and creativity. Each application will be a part of the selection process and we do not have any country or gender preferences.

Please be aware of the size of the wood trunk in your application (apr. 1,6 m x 0,6 m).

Come and be a part of our ArtJam-family, where magical things will take place! We are looking very much forward to seeing all of your applications and maybe to meet you in the future.

Thanks for your time!


Selected artists will be directly contacted in the beginning of February 2020. Also, the selected artists will be shown at our webpage and on our Facebook page .

Sadly, we do not have the capacity to write to all non-selected artists, but we really appreciate your time and applications!

Kind Regards,
Steffie Pedersen
Chairman of "Højer Art Jam"