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Established in 1993, the Højer Art Jam is a volunteer organization based Højer, Denmark. The event’s focus is on multidisciplinary art events celebrating a range of artistic disciplines.

We have made

The volunteer-based Højer Art Jam is rooted in a 25 year heritage of unique and successful art events. Originally staged under the moniker; “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” its focus began bringing together wood sculptors from all over the world for a week to create stunning sculptures out of raw oak wood trunks on-site along the Danish southern coast in Højer.

Throughout that time 2D fine-artists and painters occasionally joined the collective, expanding the concept into painting and sculpture symposium.

More than 1/3 of the world’s nationalities and cultures have been represented by participating artists. In 2017 the additional ambition of establishing a seasonal artist-residency was realized providing the possibility for a longer stay, deeper understanding between cultures and a greater overall resonance to the experience.

Practical objectives

Profile of Højer and the Tønder
Enhance the profile of Højer and the Tønder area as a respected and authentic destination for art tourism

Tøndermarsk Initiative
Extend the scope and deepen the local resonance of the Tøndermarsk Initiative

Benefit of future generations
Leverage the 25 year tradition of the ‘Højer Internationale Traeskulptur Symposium’ to the benefit of future generations of artist-residents, art appreciators, children and the local community in general

Cultural legacy
Preserve and ensure the area’s past, present and future cultural legacy

Increase art tourism industry

Cultural connection
Develop dynamic and living-connection between diverse cultures and nationalities rooted in a share passion for artistic expression and the powerful natural elements that inspire it which are so abundant along Denmark’s rugged coast.

Celebrate and Promote the Village of Højer
Provide an artistic platform to share its history, legacy, community and the way-of-life of local inhabitants.

Course of action

Build on the Tradition of a Quarter-Century
The living legacy of the “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium”

Broaden its focus to include different materials and disciplines while sharpening its narrative to focus on Nature, the Elements of Nature and the local landscape and population. Manifest a more inclusive and community-based ethos, a more diverse set of participants and a wider appeal for visitors.

Photography, Promotion and Outready
Disciplines such as photography will be integrated directly into the event-communication assets for more effective online promotion.

The installations and sculptures will be made under the theme 'WIND, SEA, EARTH & SKY', to fit Højer’s profile and celebrate the local area.



Public art objects

Sculpture park