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HØJER ART JAM 16 - 23 June

Art Jam in Højer is an international, multidisciplinary art- and culture event. Different artists from around the world gather to create beautiful artworks from different materials. This year the recognized artists will create stunning sculptures, breathtaking murals and inspiring photographies. Follow the process when the murals and sculptures are created and meet artists from South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Germany, China, Russia, Lithuania, Mongolia and Czech Republic. Our Children Art Project is also worth following! See the kids in interaction with international artists while they all together create artworks for the local school. Get a free map with the Art Jam locations in Art Jam HQ at Kunsten, Skolegade 1, 6280, Hojer, Denmark

Visit Art Jam

Sunday 16th June
2 pm - 5 pm - Art Jam starts
Artists are working

Monday 17th June
8:30 am - 12 pm and 1:30 pm - 5 pm
Artists are working

Tuesday 18th June
8:30 am - 12 pm - Artists are working
From 6 pm - Eat together/meet the artists at Torvet 7, 6280 Højer (price - 89DKK.)

Wednesday 19th - Saturday 22th June
8:30 am - 12 pm and 1:30 pm - 5 pm
Artists are working

Sunday 23rd June
12 pm - Exhibition opening at Skolegade 1, 6280 Højer
2 pm - Official closing ceremony with speeches and presentation of artists
Closing Speech by Tommy Pedersen, Sydbank.

Visit Art Jam exhibition and become the owner of a stunning artwork made by one of the recognized, international artists participating at Art Jam.

Come for the opening ceremony and see the raw materials and the artists who will transform these materials into amazing artworks.

Follow the development and get inspired by the fine art creation process.

To follow the creation process in silence please visit the working site outside of working hours, as the artists will work mainly with electrical chainsaws.