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Program Proposals

The Højer Art Jam represents the next evolution of the proud artistic tradition established throughout the 25 year history of the “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium”.
The event is now experiencing a renewed infusion of passion and energy from younger artists who have developed a compelling vision for Højer as a living art capital along Denmark's southwestern coast. Or, expressed more provocatively, the upstart unofficial art capital of coastal Denmark, at Scandinavia’s southernmost gateway.
These artist are giving shape to the next avatar for the symposium, reimagined as a multi-discipline art festival organized to give contemporary voice to the area’s timeless character and deep belief in the potential of people in the community to forge a rich and satisfying life from the raw materials of the natural elements that both caress and rage across this landscape. They see the event as the centrepiece within a new constellation of art-related programs in the area. This next phase involves a re-framing of the event under the new moniker; The Hojer Art Jam as well as implementing new ideas in the realms of event management, networking, legacy-creation and promotion. It is in this spirit that the organizers are reaching out to relevant businesses to brainstorm a range of new sponsorship concepts.

Opportunities for businesses to contribute to the production of signage, installation, wayfinding and/or upkeep of an emerging outdoor exhibition space within the community which mixes both artwork and a sustainable planting concept.

Opportunities for private individuals, groups or businesses to contribute to the cost of producing and installing a work for permanent public display in a dedicated sculpture garden or other pre-approved public location.

Opportunities to adopt-a-tree commemorated in the style of high-tide markers, telephone poles or by means of “lover’s locks” with the donor's name. NOTE: The planting park was created by the original symposium community as a way of renewing the raw materials used by many of the wood sculptors.

An opportunity for logo-placement sponsorship of specific marketing and event-based materials (banners, tents, wayfinding signage)

Opportunities to become a primary sponsor of special exhibition concepts during the Art Jam. The organization is exploring concepts like ”laser-lit or klieg-lit windmill sails”, building-murals or a new installation at the Water Tower.