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Art Jam is an annual art event, taking place in Denmark. Below you will find information about our heritage and values.


The volunteer-based Højer Art Jam is rooted in a heritage of more than 25 years of making unique and successful art events. Originally called “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” its focus began bringing together wood sculptors from all over the world for a week to create stunning sculptures out of raw oak wood trunks along the Danish Southwest coast in Højer. 25 years of passion, love, energy, care, friendship and a deep community-spirit has defined the “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” since 1993.
The original “Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” created a dynamic living forum for international artists within the wood-sculpting tradition to join together. Artists from all over the world came to Denmark’s Southwestern coast, each creating an original piece from a raw oak tree trunk. Throughout the first 25 years, relief cutters and fine-artist painters occasionally joined the event.

Closing ceremony. "Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” 1993

Closing ceremony. "Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” 1994

Closing ceremony. "Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” 1999

New Image

The Art Jam is containing the same spirit and soul, as we had the first 25 years. After the first 25 years, in 2017 we transformed our image and changed our name to Art Jam, same year the additional ambition of establishing artist-residency programs was realized, providing the possibility for a longer stay, deeper understanding between cultures and a greater overall resonance to the experience.
In 2018 we opened up our focus, by including new materials and disciplines in our event. In 2018 we included muralism, installation-art and fine-art photography.
In 2019 we included a children art project.

We are making an international art event, which is attractive for artists, art-enthusiasts, children, families, tourists and the local community in general.

Final exhibition - closing ceremony, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Mr Kas working on his mural, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Bonggi Park taking photo of Jan and Saila in front of their mural, Art Jam in Højer 2018

Art with children, Photography category, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Art with children, Wood sculpture category, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Art with children, Mural category, Art Jam in Højer 2019

1/3 of the Planet

In total over 60 countries and cultures have been represented at our art event – or roughly a third of the planet’s countries!
Participating artists have included talents from Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, we had guys from Mexico, China, Japan, Columbia, Argentina, even from Burkina Faso.

Faces of some participants of "Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium”

Hacked from Nature

The forces of nature itself have always played a major role in the art process. Nature provides the original oak-trees of our symposiums.

Beyond contributing raw-materials, nature also serves as a muse, inspiring the expressions themselves.
Both the people of the area, and the artists who participate share the believe that it is still possible to carve out a rich and fulfilling life from nature, shaped by the same elements that have shaped the coastal landscapes of Southwestern Denmark. This belief is at the heart of each discipline; wood sculpting, muralism as well as fine-art photography. Let’s hack!

Ana Paula Luna working on her sculpture. Art Jam in Højer 2019

Ensuring the Cultural Legacy

The direct integration of the artistic output within local communities, allows the spirit of the event to enhance the area and create a lasting narrative about Højer and the region’s history and way-of-life. Visitors to the area as well as its inhabitants are invited to reflect on this narrative and interact with creations directly born and rooted on the coast of Southwestern Denmark. The goal of the event is to nurture a meaningful and unique artistic legacy that will span generations for centuries to come.

Opening of "Højer Art Grove" sculpture park. Sculptore by Glebos Tkachenko, Sponsor - Sydbank, Art Jam in Højer 2018

Friendship without Borders

Passion for artistic expression, commitment to the skills and techniques of the artists and a profound love of nature are values which are blind to national borders, religions and cultures. Participating international artists and the community who share the week with them share a unique experience. The deep friendships carved out of the event contain the same strength and vitality as the artworks themselves. As new artwork is created, new relationships are born.

Artists, Art Jam in Højer 2019

A Volunteer Heritage

We are an organization based on volunteer work. We are deeply dependent on our sponsors and the volunteers who help making this event a reality. Without the incredible help and support from all sponsors and volunteers, we would not be able to continue the tradition of this remarkable event.
We are very thankful for each of the committed individuals who have supported the event and helped realize this vision for more than 25 years.
We hope to continue and grow this tradition allowing the Art Jam to reach ever higher ambitions, achievements and contributions to the community as the event evolves in years to come.
Would you like to join our Art Jam family? Any support helps.

We are stronger together! "Højer Internationale Træskulptur Symposium” 1997