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ART JAM in Kolding 2020, 6 - 12 June, week 24

Art Jam in Kolding is an international contemporary art and culture festival. Artists from around the globe gather to make stunning artworks out of raw oak trunks. Follow the process when the sculptures are created in the heart of beautiful Kolding city.

Visit Art Jam 2020 in Kolding

Map with direction to Art Jam in Kolding bellow

Program for Art Jam 2020 in Kolding will appear in here later.

Visit our Sculpture Park in Højer

Højer Art Grove Scupture Park was opened in 2018. For now we have 4 (very soon 5) sculptures in the park. All sculptures are made at the Art Jam by international artists and all artworks in the park are sponsored by local companies. The location of the Art Grove was not chosen randomly. The park is situated on a, for the Art Jam, very historical place, since artist from previous years have planted oak trees in the park as a symbolic act of sustainability and to "give back" to the nature, from which we get the materials used in the Art Jams.

Map with direction to "Højer Art Grove" Sculpture park bellow

Visit Gallery with Contemporary wood Sculptures.

It is possible to buy artworks from previous Art Jams. If you are interested in becoming the owner of an original Art Jam work, please contact us for further information. After making an appointment with our organization we can show you the works for sale.PLEASE be aware of the fact that the gallery is only open by appointment.

Map with direction to Contemporary Art gallery in Højer bellow