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We are very happy to announce that ART JAM is Back in 2022, This year we are building Art Jam Road - magnificent contemporary art exhibition through Højer and marshland.

ART JAM ROAD 14th July - 30th October 2022

Respected international contemporary art exhibition featuring recognized, international artists. Sculptures, art installations, and more. Discover the fine art road along the MARSK STEIN - certified walking road through UNESCO world heritage and National Park Wadden sea.

The Art Jam Road

Art Jam Road in Højer 2022 is an international contemporary art exhibition. Recognized artists from around the world deliver and install beautiful sculptures, artworks and art installations in Højer and surrounding area. Follow the Art Jam Road along Marsk Stien - certified walking road through UNESCO's world heritage and national Park Wadden sea. Great opportunity to enjoy breathtaking nature and contemporary art. Take an inspiring walk, bicycle or car ride through the exceptional mix of art, nature, charming towns, marsh land, sea, classic Danish architecture, dikes, watergates. During the Art Jam Road 2022 the visit of the Danish Queen is planned in Højer.

The Art Jam

The Art Jam is a historical and traditional art event which started out under the name “Højer Interationale Træskulptursymposium” in 1993. It is not only the oldest wood sculpture symposium in Denmark, but also one of the oldest wood sculpture symposiums in the world.

In 2018 we included new art forms into our event, making it a multidisciplinary art event. We included both murals, installation art and photography, while the wood sculpture part of our event is still the main focus.
International artists come to Hojer and for one week create stunning artworks from different raw materials. The audience is invited to follow the creation process up-front and to interact with the artists during the time of their stay. The artists become a part of the local community for a time, and experience the local nature and way of life. The outcome of our events is stunning artworks and great experiences, cultural exchange and friendships across country boarders.

Opening ceremony, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Naruo Nishimura working on his sculpture, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Art with children project, mural category, Art Jam in Højer 2019

Time lapse from Art Jam in Højer 2018

The Højer Art Grove

Through the years we have developed different aspects of our event and in 2018 we opened our sculpture park "Højer Art Grove", which is a way of creating an artistic and cultural legacy for our local community. The park also makes contemporary art accessible for the public in the outskirts of Denmark.

The art works in the park are all made at symposiums in Højer.

Opening of the Sculpture Park "Højer Art Grove". Sculpture by Glebos Tkachenko, sponsor Sydbank. Højer Art Jam 2018.

Sculptures installation in the "Hojer Art Grove" sculpture park 2018.

The Art Jam Dream

We are dreaming to spread the Art Jam vibe to different locations in Denmark - both for the artists to experience different parts of Denmark - and for the people from around Denmark to being able of experiencing creation processes of international artists in their local environment.
We are also dreaming to strengthen the artistic profile of Højer, Attracting tourists and art-enthusiasts and making contemporary art accessible for the public in the outskirts of Denmark.
Through our sculpture park, Art Grove, we wish to create an artistic and cultural legacy for our local community
Last but definitely not least our main goal and dream is - and has always been - to develop artistic and cultural connections between people and being a part of creating friendships across country boarders, religion, genders and cultural background, in an international, professional, artistic atmosphere.

Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors:

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