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The Road 2024

Outdoor art exhibition through the National Park Wadden Sea – free for all! ART JAM ROAD takes place in the beautiful village of Højer and the breathtaking surrounding marsh landscape in the middle of the National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The idyllic streets of Højer create the frame for the ROAD, which presents international artworks, created by talented artists. The artworks are designed in versatile materials and with differentiated visual expressions. It is the hope that the exhibition will please many citizens, as well as visitors. Likewise, it is our goal to contribute actively to Højer - a cultural art destination

The Artworks

“Shell Runner 2.0”

“X”, “Distorted Reflection”, “Different Appearance”


“Intervention invading network”

“Højer Art Grove”

”The Five Characters”

“From the deep”

“Diabas Magic”

“Lost Mountain”


“Wave valley”

“Old, wise horse”

“The wheel”

“Striving for light”

”Woman De Formation”

“Three steles”

“Stretched Headboard”

“Arctic whispers”

”Small Queen & Small King”




“Mrs. Lee & Miss Luv”

“De-struction", "iLegal housing” & "But the seconds II"

“Embodied words: Interiority”


“Frelsisviti (Lighthouse of freedom)”

“Cultural determinism”


Visit the Road 2024

The Road includes more than 50 breathtaking artworks placed around beautiful Højer and Marshland on 22 different locations. Start your visit from Location N1 which is the water tower in Højer. Grab free catalog and map in the water tower for more information.

Location N1: