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Location 10

“Wave valley”

Marble, corten steel 150 cm

33.600 €

Lisbeth Krag Olsen - Denmark

This marble sculpture is inspired by the gentle, rhythmic motion of the sea as it glides toward the sandy shore. It captures the essence of water transitioning from the deep sea to shallow waters, embodying the serene interplay of nature’s forces. The sculpture’s flowing lines and ripples mimic the undulating waves, evoking a sense of tranquility and timelessness. Through its graceful contours it invites viewers to reflect on the beauty and calmness of the ocean’s embrace

“Wave valley”, Marble, corten steel 150 cm, Art Jam Road 2024

Lisbeth Krag Olsen - Denmark, Art Jam Road 2024

Artwork “Wave valley” location on Art Jam Road 2024:

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