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Location 11

”The Swan Gate”

Oak wood 500cm

Peer Oliver Nau - Germany

The artwork is formed as a gate. The swan is well-known as the “lead- ing animal” of Art Nou- veau (Jugendstil), and the little dancing girl embod- ies the playful, exuberant, carefree nature of youth. It is the artist ́s wish, that people go through the gate and believe, that by doing that they can regain a piece of their youth. The gate is decorated with flowers, as a symbol of growth.
When experiencing the artwork, it is almost impossible not to automatically and naturally interact with it by passing through the gate. Perhaps this interplay between artwork and viewer will give room for reflection on youth, growth and life itself.

”The Swan Gate”, Oak wood 500cm

Peer Oliver Nau - Germany

Artwork ”The Swan Gate” location: