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Location 14


Stone 170 cm

18.000 €

Martin Schraeder - Germany

The artwork is a semiabstract form, depicting the silhouetted shape of a human figure, poised on a plinth. Constructed from numerous individual pieces of stone, meticulously glued together, the sculpture reveals visible seams that create an irregular, rhythmic pattern. The figure, hollow and headless, lacks hands and internal features, symbolizing an empty shell devoid of inner life. The stone pattern on its surface highlights the fragmented nature of its assembly, emphasizing both its fragility and its inherent strength. The artwork stands as a testament to the enduring, yet vulnerable, nature of existence.

“Holster”, Stone 170 cm, Art Jam Road 2024

Martin Schraeder - Germany, Art Jam Road 2024

Artwork “Holster” location on Art Jam Road 2024:

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