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Location 19

“Embodied words: Interiority”

Concrete 150cm

Yvonne van Hülsen - Germany

This art work connects to the movement of body positivity. It concentrates on the topics of self-love, digital self-perception, lived traces, critical self-view, the social perception of elderly women ́s bodies and the erasure of unwanted ́flaws ́. The combination of the figure's body language, facial expressions and posture can be seen as the imbalance between sight and insight. With her eyes closed she remembers her presence

“Embodied words: Interiority”, Concrete 150cm, Art Jam Road 2024

Yvonne van Hülsen - Germany, Art Jam Road 2024

Artwork “Embodied words: Interiority” location on Art Jam Road 2024:

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