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Location 20

“Frelsisviti (Lighthouse of freedom)”

Granite 350 cm

39.000 €

Jo Kley - Germany

This dynamic artwork, crafted from various granite stones, symbolizes resilience, progress, and the enduring pursuit of freedom. Though unfinished, its evolving design embodies the concept of continual growth and expansion, with each passing year marked by the addition of a larger cube at its base. With a magnification factor of 1.3, it magnifies the significance of its message, emphasizing progress and transformation. As a beacon of hope and guidance, it inspires reflection on the ongoing journey towards liberty and self-realization.

“Frelsisviti (Lighthouse of freedom)”, Granite 350 cm, Art Jam Road 2024

Jo Kley - Germany, Art Jam Road 2024

Artwork “Frelsisviti (Lighthouse of freedom)” location on Art Jam Road 2024:

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