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Location 3


Metal 230cm

Kent Holm - Denmark
31. maj 1939 - 4. marts 2018

The artwork symbolizes attitude - an expressive position which can be perceived differently. It fucuses on the attitude in the bodily posture, the expression with which you carry yourself and meet the world. The work consists of strict lines and beautiful shapes, as well as craftsmanship precision and quality.
The forms are expressive, they are connected, but also stand in stylish contrast to each other; in some places large and pompous, in other places quite fine and graceful. Just as it is the case with an attitude - it can change and be perceived differ- ently depending on who views it and from which angle it is viewed.

“Attitute”, Metal 230cm

Kent Holm - Denmark, 31. maj 1939 - 4. marts 2018

Artwork “Attitute” location: