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Location 4

“Tribute to the planet“

Bronze on corten steel 135 cm

Jörg Plickat - Germany

In a very abstracted way two hands are forming a sphere. The sphere is symbolizing for our planet. We all know about the global warming, the rise of ocean levels, the permanent pollution, the reduction of habitats and biodiversity. All this is man made. In responsibility to future generations, we have to rethink our way of living on this planet and our way using its limited resources.
This artwork served as the model for a bigger version, realized 8 meters long, which will be placed permanently in Varde, Denmark. In 2022 the concept was modified and realized in an even bigger scale in India.

“Tribute to the planet“, Bronze on corten steel 135 cm

Jörg Plickat- Germany

Artwork “Tribute to the planet“ location: