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“Højer Art Grove”

Wood 200 - 220 cm

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Sculpture Park
Højer Art Grove

In 2018 Art Jam had the great pleasure to open Højer's own sculpture park, as part of Højer's living and creative cultural heritage.
The location was not chosen randomly, as participants from previous Art Jam symposia planted oak trees on the site over a number of years, as a symbolic act for sustainability and to give something back to nature. The installation of sculptures in this very place is a celebration of the interaction between nature and man-made art. The sculptures that can be experienced in
HØJER ART GROVE were all made at previous Art Jam symposia in Højer.

“Højer Art Grove”, wood 200 - 220 cm, Art Jam Road 2024

“Højer Art Grove” location:

Road 2024 >