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Location 5


Oak wood 180cm

Lkhagva George - Mongolia
instagram: mongolcarver

The work symbolizes freedom and loyalty. For many years the eagle has been used as a symbol of strength. Although the eagle is a strong animal, its living conditions have changed in line with man's involvement in nature, which is why many eagle species are endangered. The artist wishes to raise awareness about eagles, their way of life and beauty. It is desired that the work should create the feeling of freedom in the viewer, but at the same time call for reflec- tion about human behav- ior.
The sculpture was made by the Mongolian artist Lkhagva George. The artist grew up in close symbiosis with nature, which is why his works are often based on the world of animals. He wants to raise awareness about the world of animals and their living conditions.

“Motion”, Oak wood 180cm

Lkhagva George - Mongolia

Artwork “Motion” located in the shop window on the side of Skolegade street: