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Location 6

”Nordic Breeze”

Metal 160cm, 165cm

Eelke van Willegen - Netherlands

The sculptures represent a fast range of feelings, emotions and spheres linked to the North. They symbolize the elements of the raw Nordic nature, the beauty, the tranquility, but also the danger and forces of nature. Fierce storms and after that a light breeze. Openness, expanse, earth and land. This is captured in the varying volume of the sculpture’s idiom.
The expression is uncomplicated and clear. But appearances may be deceiving; on closer inspection his work proves to be complex and carefully thought-out. Form is guided by action. Like the ocean-floor moulds the wave and shapes it according to the tides. “Nordic Breeze” is a tribute to the forces of the Nordic nature.

”Nordic Breeze”, Metal 160cm, 165cm

Eelke van Willegen - Netherlands

Artwork ”Nordic Breeze” location: