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Location 9

“Lost Mountain”

Stone 170 cm

20.910 €

Martin Schraeder - Germany

The artwork is a sculptural piece of stone outlining a figure devoid of internal structures, composed of intersecting surfaces that create prominent profile lines. The figure is divided by color: the upper half is an opaque blue and white, while the lower half retains its natural stone hue. This division symbolizes the sky and earth, with the horizon as the dividing line.
The figure stands upright only when leaned against something, giving it a slightly tilted, precarious stance. The title evokes a sense of melancholy and romance, posing the question: can a mountain be lost?

“Lost Mountain”, Stone 170 cm, Art Jam Road 2024

Martin Schraeder - Germany, Art Jam Road 2024

Artwork “Lost Mountain” location on Art Jam Road 2024:

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