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Aleksandar Eftimovski


Project "Højer - The moment"

The project that I intend to create for my Hoyer ART JAM wood sculpture symposium is a side specific sculptural project. Made of wood, this sculpture will take the most characteristic thing from the Hojer and its surroundings, and that is the sound of the place. The wooden sculpture created in big scale will have a vibrant visual effect. To me, as an artist and observer of nature and human behavior, I find it very interesting that all life matter releases audio waves. This sound frequency can be heard depending on the capacity of the sound receptors. The hearing frequency that we humans can hear is between 20 and 20,000 Hertz. If we set sounds from animals or other matter on the sound program, we will get an oscillation. Each sound is different than the other; therefore, any graphical oscillation is diverse. This oscillation captures the moment that happened at that exact time, and it can never be repeated again. Once I get the two-dimensional oscillation recorded in the place selected, I will add the third-dimension to it. Adding the third-dimension, I will get a dynamic sculpture that reveals the profound complexity of the place.

Aleksandar Eftimovski - Macedonia, Art Jam in Højer 2024

Project "Højer - The moment", Art Jam in Højer 2024

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