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Jean-Claude Escoulin


Project "The planetary circus"

Playing, carefree, children ecstatic at the facetiousness of the sea lion who juggles and barks so playfully.
A joyful balloon show that flies and stays there, in unstable balance.
But this ball is the image of our world, with which we play, carefree, unaware of how destructive this game is.
How precarious is the balance of our Planet, with which we shamelessly juggle, amused and ecstatic at our own prowess, like Charlie Chaplin juggling the globe in "The Dictator", a ridiculous and tragic image.
The planetary circus act in which we are playing with our world may well end without applause.

Jean-Claude Escoulin - France, Art Jam in Højer 2024

Project "The planetary circus", Art Jam in Højer 2024

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